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Tulum Wellness

Reset + Detox Supplements

Reset + Detox Supplements

Join Tulum Wellness for a transformative Reset + Detox program and start the year off right! With options to customize your reset, this program is designed to help you take care of your whole self from the inside out.
Those who purchase their Rest + Detox Supplements before the end of the year will receive 15% off the supplement program. Supplements purchased January 1-4th will receive 10% discount.
Supplements will be available for pickup ONLY at the spa. We will contact you when your order is ready in the beginning of January 2024.

What's included:

Detox Pure Pack is designed to promote healthy detoxification with a comprehensive profile of bioavailable vitamins, chelated minerals, fish oil, and other ingredients. Activated B vitamins and minerals support phase II detoxification in the liver. Each pack also includes broccoli, curcumin, silymarin and amino acids to further enhance phase II detoxification.1-4 Artichoke and taurine promote healthy hepatic fat metabolism and bile flow.5,6 Glutathione, NAC, alpha lipoic acid and other antioxidant nutrients are included to maintain liver tissue health,7,8 while l-glutamine, omega-3 fatty acids, and chlorella support G.I. cell health and detoxification.9-11‡
Super Greens is a convenient way to boost your daily nutrition. It contains a bioavailable complex of natural plant compounds including chlorophyll, glucoraphanin, broccoli seed and other alkalizing greens. This product promotes a healthy immune response while supporting cellular detoxification and energy production.
Dairy Free Probiotic is a mixed probiotic supplementation helps support healthy microflora balance, promoting the mucosal lining of the G.I. tract and helping to maintain G.I. barrier function.1 Studies in children indicate support for intestinal comfort and occasional diarrhea.2,3 Research indicates that probiotics support immune health, promoting immune defense and respiratory health. Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG is a highly characterized probiotic strain, identified for its resistance to gastric acidity, adhesion properties and ability to support healthy gut microflora. In a study involving children ages 1-7 attending day care, L. rhamnosus GG offered statistically significant support for respiratory health..4,5,6‡
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