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Tulum Wellness

Gut Microbiome Reset + Detox Supplements

Gut Microbiome Reset + Detox Supplements

It's time for some Spring Cleaning! Join Tulum Wellness for a transformative Reset + Detox program specifically focused on your gut microbiome. With options to customize your reset, this program is designed to help you take care of your whole self from the inside out.

What's included:

Bioclear™ Cleansing Program


The Bioclear Cleansing Program contains three (3) complementary products designed to work synergistically to REMOVE, BIND, and RESTORE – providing broad support for a healthy microbiome. Biocidin, G.I.Detox+, and Proflora 4R work together to bind toxins, reestablish microbial balance, and soothe the gut lining.

After just 30 days on the Cleansing Program, patients report feeling lighter
and brighter!

REMOVE: Biocidin, this signature, proprietary formula, clears away toxins, unwanted microorganisms, and biofilms. It targets the entire GI tract – dismantling biofilms along the way while simultaneously enhancing beneficial organisms.

BIND: As Biocidin clears undesirable microorganisms, the
gentle, comprehensive binders in G.I. Detox+ intercept die-off (irritants and microbial byproducts) and clear it through elimination in the stool. This step is essential for microbial balance and key to patient comfort.

RESTORE: Proflora 4R provides keystone microbial species to lay the foundation for a healthy microbiome. This unique, spore-forming probiotic reaches the intestines 100% of the time and resists stomach acid. Proflora4R supports nutrient absorption and produces beneficial byproducts, including B vitamins, Vitamin K2, antioxidants, and enzymes.



-A connected private Facebook group with tons of helpful resources

- Weekly 1:1 consultations with our Nutritionist 

-Shopping lists, grocery hauls, and foods to include and avoid during your 30 days

-A detailed list of environmental toxins to avoid plus better alternatives

- Unlimited Infrared Sauna and Salt Room at Tulum Wellness during your reset

- 20% off discount on any Ozone Therapy services at Vital Family Chiropractic in Houston Texas


Who’s It For?

-Those seeking an annual or semi-annual
cleanse/microbial reset.
-Those looking to support detoxification.
-Those looking for multiple activities that
support G.I. health. 
-Those looking to support a healthy
inflammatory response.
Anyone seeking to balance immune function.

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