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ProBlaster™️️️️️️ by FasciaBlaster®

ProBlaster™️️️️️️ by FasciaBlaster®

Fulfilled by our friends at FasciaBlaster®

GENTLE YET POWERFUL! Our ProBlaster™ is one of a kind with small claws to target the surface layer tissue and a soft silicone backing for better grip and less slips.
⭐ Great for small areas and sensitive tissue
⭐ Fits in the palm of your hand
⭐ 6 small claws for surface tissue
⭐ Great to carry on the go
⭐ Easy to use natural massage motion
⭐ Use anywhere on the body

✅ Skin
✅ Fascia tissue
✅ Cellulite
✅ Muscles
✅ Fat pockets
✅ Tightness / Tension
✅ Discomforts
✅ Circulation

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