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OMGBlaster by FasciaBlaster®

OMGBlaster by FasciaBlaster®

Fulfilled by our friends at FasciaBlaster®

The MAGIC of Fascia and stem cells! The 5-in-1 OMG Blaster is your one-stop shop for total face care with a..

⭐ SINGLE CLAW WRINKLE BLASTER - The same FaceBlaster claw you love with the ease of reach. Your temples and jowls will love it.
⭐ MINI NUGGET TRIGGER POINT - Our smallest version of the nugget tip for trigger point therapy and targeting wrinkles.
⭐ LYMPHATIC GUA SHA FLUSHER - Great for Lymphatic drainage, replacing Gua Sha tools.
⭐ FINE LINE ERASER - For detailed Blasting and areas like the lips, nasolabial, brows, and crow’s feet
⭐ SKIN INVIGORATING TOOL - Help stimulate blood flow with the silicone scrubbing pad. Exfoliate and invigorate the skin- use with Blaster Oil or cleanser.
⭐ OMGBLASTER HANDLE - for easy attachment for the multiple tips

✅ Skin
✅ Fascia tissue
✅ Crows Feet
✅ Wrinkles
✅ Fine Lines
✅ Tightness / Tension
✅ Discomforts
✅ Circulation
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