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Mini PaddleBlaster™ by FasciaBlaster®

Mini PaddleBlaster™ by FasciaBlaster®

Fulfilled by our friends at FasciaBlaster®

Your new Fascia best friend! The Mini PaddleBlaster has incredible new technology! Get all the Blasting benefits and NEW “flushing mechanism” which allows you to “scan” down muscles to find your fascial problems! Then use the flusher at the end up and down to get the fluids flowing and complete your Blaster session!

⭐ Great for arms, abs, legs and hips
⭐ 9 small claws for surface tissue
⭐ 1 handle for easy transitioning
⭐ Easy to use natural massage motion
⭐ Use anywhere on the body
⭐ Perfect for on the go

✅ Skin
✅ Fascia tissue
✅ Cellulite
✅ Muscles
✅ Fat pockets
✅ Tightness / Tension
✅ Discomforts
✅ Circulation
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