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MasterBlaster™ by FasciaBlaster®

MasterBlaster™ by FasciaBlaster®

Fulfilled by our friends at FasciaBlaster®

The ONLY Beginner and Advanced fine-tuning tool!! The same Blasting technology but with a very different feel! The long row of claws allows you to attack the surface tissue and when turned on its edge (ridging) tackle the extra stubborn spots. you have to FEEL the difference!

⭐ Great for abs, legs, hips and arms
⭐ 9 small claws for surface tissue
⭐ 1 long bar for easy transitioning
⭐ Easy to use natural massage motion
⭐ Use anywhere on the body
⭐ Perfect for on the go

✅ Skin
✅ Fascia tissue
✅ Cellulite
✅ Muscles
✅ Fat pockets
✅ Tightness / Tension
✅ Discomforts
✅ Circulation

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