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Ashley Black's ™ Deluxe Serum by FasciaBlaster®

Ashley Black's ™ Deluxe Serum by FasciaBlaster®

Fulfilled by our friends at FasciaBlaster®

The MUST HAVE Serum! The intensive tightening serum has that pull effect that feels amazing. In addition I wanted the maximum formulation of proven long term tightening effect. The Intense Tightening Serum is infused with 2 patented technologies proven to provide immediate tightening, lifting and smoothing effects. This Serum can be used on any area of the body with loose skin. I know this will become one of the most loved products of my design! I am so excited for you to try it. Click here to download instructions.

Net WT. 1.75 oz by volume
Bottle Size: 1.75x1.75x5 inches

⭐ Intensive tightening effect
⭐ 4 hour instant tightening
⭐ Long term results with consistent use
⭐ No residue
⭐ Non-sticky

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